Monday, June 29, 2020

About that pass holder preview

Disney never officially announced when they would open the pass holder preview for reservations. But we did know that the preview would take place July 9&10 for both the magic kingdom and animal kingdom.

Yesterday, word started getting out that the reservation system would open today, at a random time. But to watch our email.

At about 11am, I heard that it opened. Some people got an email. But not me.

The screen shot on this post is from a friend.

Meanwhile some people got a push notification from the disney experience app. But not me.

The friend also sent me the link. I clicked it around 11:15, curious what it looked like. As I have said many times, I was not going, but I wanted to see what they offered.

The system was busy and it told me to wait. I wasn't *that* interested and gave up a minute or two later.

I started hearing from people somewhere around 11:30 that the reservations for both parks on both days were full. It's one per guest, and if we use the logic of 25% capacity that's ~22,000 for each day in the magic kingdom, and ~15,000 for the animal kingdom. So about 70,000 reservations were gone in 30 min. Could have been fewer of course. We don't know.


As for the pattern, it seems like disney "randomly" selected people to participate. Though I imagine they did some prioritization to the randomness. Surely some were people they wanted to get good press from in the blogosphere. Some were locals. Some were from farther. It looks like they did a cross section of different pass types, and general spending levels. Though again, this is anecdotal and speculative.

Some people got in immediately, no matter whether they clicked the link at 11 or 11:20. Some looked like they would get in, but we're pushed into a queue like the one I saw after what appeared to be success.

It was peculiar. And I know disney has a lot of passholders, so they had to do something to select people to come.

As for me, I was thinking that since I already requested a refund, that probably removed me from being in the pool of people they selected from.

Oh and by the way, disney opened up the parks to pass holder reservations beginning on the 11th / 15th for the parks. And most days over the first ... month? ... filled up immediately as well.

So assuming they are able to open in a little under 2 weeks, some folks will go and check it out.

Someone I know did get a reservation and said the screen simply asked her to confirm the day and park. She then got a window that said the park hours were (I think it was) 9-7 and they'd receive an email with details as it gets closer.

Again, back to my thoughts about timed reservations, I'm assuming they'll get a follow up with an entry time. They can't have 15,000 - 20,000 people showing up at 8:30, which you know passholders will do.

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